In 2012 my wife and I started Swamp Sauces and Seasonings, LLC with the passion to build a Brand of high quality, all-natural and great tasting sauces and seasonings. Starting with my uncle’s Bayou dipping sauce we quickly added our “Sweet and Tangy” BBQ swamp sauce, our Smoky Jalapeno Grill'n sauce and our original “VooDoo” Wing sauce. To go along with our sauces, we recently added a new line of seasonings. They include our original Hickory flavored spice seasoning; Cajun Seasoning, and a Garlic and Herb seasoning.


  All of our sauces are made “all-natural” with no MSG or high fructose corn syrups and are gluten free, which gives our customers a healthier choice when choosing a sauce product. We feel confident you will find our products great tasting and satisfying to the palate. A great sauce should never overpower the taste of the meat, but rather compliment it. Our sauces do just that.


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Thank you for visiting Swamp Sauces and Seasonings web site. When you choose your next sauce or seasoning products, make it Swamp Sauces and Seasonings. You’ll be glad you did. God Bless and as they say in Cajun country, “Laissez les bon Temp Rouler”, Let the Good Times Roll!”


In 1980 my uncle, Roy Haynes, began developing his dream of a special dipping sauce. One that would not over power different meats, but instead compliment them. After countless hours in the kitchen tasting and tweaking the flavor, he created his original Bayou dipping sauce.


 After developing the sauce he began to cook small batches in his home kitchen and sell it to the public in pint mason jars. Before the first batch was gone the orders began to roll in and my uncle knew he had created something special.


  Fast forward 30 years and hundreds of gallons of the Bayou dipping sauce and that’s where I come in. Growing up, our family ate my uncle’s sauce on any and everything from meatloaf to frenchfries or any wild game that ended up on the cook stove. Seeing firsthand the popularity of this sauce grow, I also knew Roy had created something special.